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Education and training tailor made for you 

We will work with your company to create a program tailored to fit your needs with regard to content, scheduling and/or delivery methods - whether face-to-face, through interactive webinars or online and self-paced instruction.

Building an outstanding work force and keeping it is a top priority for any company. The engineering industry is constantly being improved with new technologies and research, and it’s vital to keep your employees aware of developments in your field. 

Missouri S&T's Distance and Continuing Education offers customizable, comprehensive educational options tailored to meet the educational needs of your company and keep your working professionals ahead of the learning curve.

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Distance Degrees

Aerospace Engineering (MS/PhD)
Business Administration (MBA)
Civil Engineering (MS)
Computer Engineering (MS)
Computer Science (MS)
Electrical Engineering (MS)
Engineering Management(MS/PhD)
Environmental Engineering (MS)

Explosives Engineering (MS)
Geotechnics (ME)
Information Science and Technology (MS)
Manufacturing Engineering(MS/ME)
Mechanical Engineering (MS/PhD)
Mining Engineering (ME)
Systems Engineering (MS/PhD)
Technical Communication (MS)

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Distance Certificates in These Subjects

Business Administration
Chemical Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Computer Science
Economics Electrical & Computer Engineering
Engineering Management
English and Technical Communication

Information Science & Technology
Manufacturing Engineering
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Mining & Explosives Engineering
Psychological Science
Systems Engineering

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