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In the corporate realm, you know that your success is directly linked to the quality of your work force. Hiring and training your employees is a top priority. At Missouri S&T, we understand and value the link between education and work, and we are committed to preparing our graduates to become outstanding leaders in their fields. 

Missouri S&T is one of the key schools for our nation’s Fortune 500 companies. With a diverse pool of graduates in fifteen undergraduate degree programs, Missouri S&T is one of the largest, most diverse technological research universities in the nation. The average university in the U.S. offers only 4.1 undergraduate engineering programs. You’d expect superior graduates from a  first-rate institution, and Missouri S&T delivers. Our graduates continue to be some of the most sought-after professionals in the science, engineering and manufacturing fields, in addition to serving in leadership positions in everything from mining to government to Wall Street.

For these reasons, Missouri S&T attracts hundreds of employers annually to campus for job fairs, technology transfer, distance education, and scholarship and philanthropic ventures. We work closely with each of our Corporate Partners to identify their human resource needs and to develop relationships that will serve those needs. We will connect you to graduates who will enhance your work force with superior education and training, fresh, creative perspectives, and work ethic.

The Career Opportunities and Employer Relations (COER) team at Missouri S&T connects employers to our talented students and graduates by offering information about full-time employees, summer internships, and cooperative education.  COER can coordinate on-campus interviews, informational sessions, career fair and recruitment events, alumni and resume referrals, and much more.

For more information visit our Career Opportunities and Employer Relations site.

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